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Jobs galore but when will wages finally pick up?


LONDON In 2014, a few days after she took over as chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen admitted that she could not fathom the "very worrisome" trend of weak wage growth for American workers.

Three years too short to replace glyphosate, French farmers say

NIOVILLE, France President Emmanuel Macron's promise to rid France of controversial weedkiller glyphosate within three years has left some farmers in the European Union's largest grain producing country on edge.

7:50am EST

British Labour leader Corbyn tells Morgan Stanley: 'We're a threat'

LONDON Britain's opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn warned Morgan Stanley that bankers are right to regard him as a threat because he wants to transform what he cast as a rigged economy that profits speculators at the expense of ordinary people.

7:33am EST

EU states set to haggle over blacklist of 20 tax havens

BRUSSELS European Union finance ministers will decide on Tuesday on the composition of an EU blacklist of tax havens that now includes about 20 jurisdictions but could end up with far fewer names after political horse-trading.

6:48am EST

Ireland says Brexit border breakthrough 'doable' by December summit

DUBLIN A breakthrough on the future of the Irish border once Britain leaves the European Union is "doable" before a key EU summit in two weeks time but the negotiating teams are "not there yet", Ireland's foreign minister said on Friday.

10:15am EST

November was best month for euro zone factories in over 17 years: PMI

LONDON, Euro zone factories had their busiest month for over 17 years in November in a broad based acceleration, a purchasing managers' index showed, despite them hiking prices at the fastest rate in more than six years.

5:29am EST

Some euro zone economic convergence may be resuming, ECB study shows

FRANKFURT Convergence between the euro zone's richer and poorer economies appears to be resuming, but income gaps remain huge and the euro has not been a catalyst for reducing inequality, a study published by the European Central Bank showed on Friday.

5:08am EST

Ireland says wants 'agreed wording' on Brexit border before Dec. 14 summit

LONDON Ireland wants re-assurance from Britain there will be no regulatory divergence between it and Northern Ireland after Brexit, Foreign Minister Simon Coveney told BBC radio on Friday.

3:24am EST

Progress in Brexit talks has lessened chance of disorderly exit: Reuters poll

LONDON Signs of progress in Britain's negotiations to leave the European Union mean the chance of a disorderly Brexit declined in the past month, a Reuters poll found, and the talks will probably end with a free trade deal.

12:20am EST

UK lawmakers cast doubt on plan to avoid Ireland border after Brexit

LONDON Britain's intention to avoid a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland after Brexit is inconsistent with its plan to withdraw from the European Union's single market and customs union, a committee of lawmakers said on Friday.

Nov 30 2017

Germany withdraws diplomat from North Korea

WASHINGTON Germany is withdrawing a third diplomat from its embassy in North Korea over increasing concerns about Pyongyang's missile program, Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said on Thursday, a day after Pyongyang test fired a new missile.

Beauty contest: China make-up brands rein in South Korea rivals

SEOUL/SHANGHAIAs a diplomatic spat between Beijing and Seoul raged this year, many South Koreans felt decidedly unwelcome in China. South Korean businesses were shunned, K-pop concerts were canceled and tourist trade dried up.


Italy's Berlusconi sent to trial accused of bribing witness: source

SIENA, Italy Former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi was ordered on Thursday to stand trial accused of bribing a witness in a 2013 under-aged prostitution case, a legal source said.

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