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Killing of Mexican prosecutor of crimes against women sparks outcry

MEXICO CITY The European Union on Thursday condemned the killing of a female Mexican prosecutor who specialized in violence against women, as the country grapples with its worst murder rate in two decades, including a spate of attacks on rights workers and reporters.

Chevron to study Mexican oil block, no drilling seen in first four years

MEXICO CITY U.S. oil major Chevron Corp will focus on studying the geology of its block in Mexico's deepwater Gulf during the first four-year phase of its contract, rather than drilling new wells, a senior executive said on Thursday.

Nov 30 2017

Mexico ruling party hopeful 14 points adrift in presidential poll

MEXICO CITY The newly unveiled presidential contender of Mexico's ruling party, Jose Antonio Meade, lags his main rival, leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, by some 14 percentage points, an opinion poll showed on Thursday.

Nov 30 2017

Mexico's new central bank chief sees inflation risks

MEXICO CITY Mexico's president on Tuesday named former finance official and central bank board member Alejandro Diaz de Leon to take over as the head of the central bank, replacing Agustin Carstens.

Nov 29 2017

Mexico's Pemex declares force majeure on Isthmus crude oil: sources

SINGAPORE Mexico's national oil company Pemex [PEMX.UL] has declared force majeure on the loading of Isthmus crude, two sources with knowledge of the matter said on Wednesday.

Nov 29 2017

Two human heads found outside broadcaster's office in Mexico

MEXICO CITY Two human heads were discovered in a cooler outside an office of broadcaster Televisa in the Mexican city of Guadalajara, authorities said on Tuesday.

Nov 29 2017

Next Mexico central bank chief says inflation may not fall as forecast

MEXICO CITY Mexico's incoming central bank governor Alejandro Diaz de Leon on Tuesday said inflation may not fall as forecast because of recent and future shocks, laying out a cautious stance that may bode for steady or even higher interest rates ahead.

Nov 29 2017

Mexico ruling party hopeful attacks rival's 'hunger for power'

MEXICO CITY A newly unveiled presidential contender for Mexico's ruling party attacked his main leftist rival on Tuesday, accusing him of being obsessed by power, afraid of debate and unable to tackle corruption when he held public office.

Nov 28 2017

Mexico names Diaz de Leon to replace Carstens as central bank chief

MEXICO CITY Mexico's president on Tuesday named former finance official and central bank board member Alejandro Diaz de Leon to take over as the head of the central bank, to replace outgoing chief Agustin Carstens.

Nov 28 2017

Aeromexico cancels dozens of flights after some pilots strike

MEXICO CITY Mexico's largest airline Aeromexico canceled dozens of flights on Tuesday due to a strike by some pilots with Connect, its regional operator, in the saturated Mexico City airport.

Nov 28 2017

Mexico's Meade to seek nomination of ruling PRI party

MEXICO CITY Mexico's outgoing finance minister Jose Antonio Meade said on Monday he will seek the presidential nomination of the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, in next year's election.

Nov 28 2017

Mexico finance minister resigns to seek presidency for ruling party

MEXICO CITY Mexico's finance minister resigned on Monday to seek the 2018 presidential nomination of the ruling party, anticipating a major break with tradition as it seeks outside help to clean up its tarnished image and stay in office for another six years.

Nov 28 2017

NAFTA talks in Washington could reach deal on some chapters: Mexico minister

MEXICO CITY The next meeting of U.S., Mexican and Canadian officials to overhaul the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) will begin on Dec. 11 in Washington, and they could reach agreement on some major chapters of the deal, Mexico's economy minister said on Monday.

Nov 27 2017

Mexico's new finance minister targeting good NAFTA renegotiation result

MEXICO CITY Mexico's new finance minister, Jose Antonio Gonzalez Anaya, said on Monday his "central scenario" was that an ongoing renegotiation of the NAFTA trade deal would lead to a positive result.

Nov 27 2017

Mexico finance minister to resign as presidency race looms: sources

MEXICO CITY Mexican finance minister Jose Antonio Meade will step down on Monday, two people familiar with the matter said on Sunday, as the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) gears up to pick its candidate for the 2018 presidential election.

Nov 27 2017

Mexican authorities seek information from Uber about data breach

MEXICO CITY Mexico's transparency body said on Sunday it would seek information from Uber about the consequences of a large data breach that the ride-hailing company disclosed on Tuesday.

Nov 26 2017

Mexico court rejects appeal to lift transgenic corn ban: lawyer

MEXICO CITY A Mexican court has rejected a company's appeal to lift a ban on commercial planting of transgenic corn in Mexico, passing the matter to the Supreme Court, a lawyer for the firm said on Friday.

Nov 25 2017

Crude oil output, exports at Mexico's Pemex rise in October

MEXICO CITY Production and exports of crude oil at Mexican state oil company Petroleos Mexicanos, or Pemex, increased in October, the firm said on Friday.

Nov 24 2017

Mexico creates marine reserve around islands called 'Galapagos of North America'

MEXICO CITY Mexico's government has created a marine park the size of Illinois in the Pacific, the largest ocean reserve in North America for the conservation of giant rays, whales and turtles, including dozens of species endemic to the area.

Nov 24 2017

Mexico economy shrinks for first time in nearly two years

MEXICO CITY Mexico's economy contracted more than previously thought in the third quarter due to the impact from storms and quakes on the oil and tourism industries, the government said on Friday, adding to concerns that stalled NAFTA talks are hurting growth.

Nov 24 2017

Long road ahead to a new life for wounded North Korean defector

SEOUL The North Korean soldier critically wounded when making a dash to the south last month may have cheated death, but even as his health improves, he is months if not years away from finding?a normal life in South Korea, officials and other defectors say.

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