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Friday Morning Briefing

Senate Republicans grapple with their tax plans’ impact on the U.S. deficit, sources comment on potential White House staff changes as Trump nears the end of his first year in office and Bitcoin is hovering around $9,600 in volatile trade.

Recent Japan News

Toshiba, Western Digital nearing deal over chip unit sale dispute: media

TOKYO Toshiba Corp and Western Digital Corp are close to settling a legal dispute that has threatened to become a major stumbling block in the embattled Japanese conglomerate's plans to sell its $18 billion semiconductor unit, media reported.

12:12am EST

Exclusive: Nissan sues India over outstanding dues; seeks over $770 million

NEW DELHI Japanese automaker Nissan Motor has begun international arbitration against India to seek more than $770 million in a dispute over unpaid state incentives, according to a person familiar with the matter and documents reviewed by Reuters.

Nov 30 2017

Factbox: Japanese emperor Akihito worked to console the people, reconcile with Asia

TOKYO A special panel to debate the timing of Emperor Akihito's abdication, Japan's first in nearly two centuries, meets on Friday, setting the stage for a formal decision by the government.

World, Nov 30 2017

Axalta ends Nippon Paint talks after rejecting $9.1 billion bid

Axalta Coating Systems has ended talks with Japan's Nippon Paint Holdings Co Ltd about a potential sale, the U.S. coating company said on Thursday, following the rejection of what sources said was a $9.1 billion all-cash bid.

Nov 30 2017

Flipkart investors, employees trimming stakes as part of SoftBank deal: sources

MUMBAI Some early Flipkart [IPO-FLPK.N] investors, employees and ex-employees are selling their shares in the Indian e-commerce firm as part of a $2.5 billion investment deal agreed with Japan's SoftBank Group , two people familiar with the matter said on Thursday.

Nov 30 2017
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