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China's CITIC closes $1.1 billion Brazil takeover, sees more ahead

RIBEIR?O PRETO, Brazil China's CITIC Agri Fund said on Friday it had completed its $1.1 billion acquisition of Dow Chemical Co's corn seed business in Brazil, a potential vehicle for future purchases in Latin America.

Friday Morning Briefing

Senate Republicans grapple with their tax plans’ impact on the U.S. deficit, sources comment on potential White House staff changes as Trump nears the end of his first year in office and Bitcoin is hovering around $9,600 in volatile trade.

President Xi says China will not export its political system

BEIJING China will not export its political system, President Xi Jinping told a forum for foreign political groups on Friday, as the ruling Communist Party seeks to boost its global image and take a more assertive international role.

World, 7:59am EST

As OPEC extends output cuts, Asia turns to North America for more oil

SINGAPORE Asian refiners are losing no time reacting to a decision by OPEC and Russia to extend their agreed production cuts to all of 2018, ordering more oil from the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico in a move that will result in lost OPEC and Russian market share.

Russia, Japan, South Korea 6:50am EST

Beauty contest: China make-up brands rein in South Korea rivals

SEOUL/SHANGHAIAs a diplomatic spat between Beijing and Seoul raged this year, many South Koreans felt decidedly unwelcome in China. South Korean businesses were shunned, K-pop concerts were canceled and tourist trade dried up.

France, South Korea 5:03am EST

GM venture to recall nearly a million vehicles in China: quality watchdog

BEIJING One of General Motors Co's China ventures will recall nearly a million vehicles due to fuel tank problems, the country's quality watchdog said on Friday, the latest in a spate of major auto recalls in China over the last few months.

Global Energy News 4:51am EST

At North Korean hub in China, uncertainty looms for Pyongyang-backed businesses

SHENYANG, China North Korean-owned businesses such as the Chilbosan Hotel in Shenyang, the biggest city in northeastern China, face an uncertain future as United Nations sanctions against Pyongyang-owned overseas businesses loom.

Global powers strike deal to research before fishing Arctic seas

WASHINGTON Delegations from the United States, Russia, and China and other countries struck a deal on Thursday to refrain from commercial fishing in the high Arctic seas, one of world's fastest-warming places, until scientists can determine what fish are there and whether they can be harvested sustainably.

Environment, Russia Nov 30 2017

China's carbon intensity falls four percent in first three quarters: official

SHANGHAI China's carbon intensity - the level of carbon emissions per unit of economic growth - fell about 4 percent in the first three quarters of 2017, putting the country on track to meet its five-year targets, a senior official said.

Environment, Nov 30 2017

China extends new water tax to encourage saving: Xinhua

SHANGHAI China has extended a pilot taxation scheme to encourage water conservation to another nine provinces and regions, including the arid capital Beijing, Ningxia and Inner Mongolia in the desertified northwest, Xinhua news agency reported late on Thursday.

Environment, Nov 30 2017
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