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Brazilian athletes flex their muscles in sports politics

EINDHOVEN, Netherlands Amid the flurry of doping and corruption scandals which have hit sport over the last few years, it is often asked why athletes do not make more use their influence to force change. Brazil is a rare case where they can claim to have done so.

China's CITIC closes $1.1 billion Brazil takeover, sees more ahead

RIBEIR?O PRETO, Brazil China's CITIC Agri Fund said on Friday it had completed its $1.1 billion acquisition of Dow Chemical Co's corn seed business in Brazil, a potential vehicle for future purchases in Latin America.

Exclusive: Former top Brazil prosecutor says successor, police chief slowing graft probes

BRASILIA Three senior Brazilian law enforcement officials, including the former prosecutor general, said new leaders of the federal police and prosecutors' offices are curbing an anti-corruption drive that challenged centuries of impunity in Latin America's biggest country.

Brazil's 'chicken catchers' are victims of forced labor: report

RIO DE JANEIRO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Thousands of people are victims of forced labor and inhumane work conditions in Brazil's booming meat and poultry industries, with some forced to work 20-hour days, researchers said on Thursday.

Sao Paulo's Formula E round postponed to 2019

Sao Paulo's first Formula E race has been postponed to 2019 because the Brazilian city's authorities are in the process of selling off the planned venue.

Copersucar partners with BP on ethanol complex in Brazil

SAO PAULO Brazil's Copersucar, one of the world's largest ethanol merchants, and BP's Brazil unit said on Thursday they will form a 50-50 logistics joint venture in the country.

China's Hunan Dakang aims to expand Brazil business from soy to beef

SAO PAULO China's Hunan Dakang International Food and Agriculture Co, which has acquired controlling stakes in two Brazilian soy companies, is next looking to enter the beef business in the country, its chairman told Reuters on Wednesday.

Brazil lower house extends oil industry customs regime

BRASILIA Brazil's lower house of Congress on Wednesday approved the basic text of a decree that extends for 20 years a preferential customs regime for the oil industry, a measure that has helped make Brazil attractive again to major global oil companies.

Brazil's Senate fails to pass aviation fuel tax reduction

BRASILIA A Senate resolution that would have reduced fuel costs for airlines in Brazil failed to muster the needed two-thirds majority on Wednesday and was shelved.

Rio's homeless fear violence and 'little showers' amid 'sidewalk gentrification'

RIO DE JANEIRO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Sleeping on the streets of Rio de Janeiro's Copacabana neighborhood for one year after being fired, Samuel Rodrigues Silva suddenly woke up one night as he was being soaked with water.

Brazil pension vote faces Dec. 15 deadline in house: government whip

BRASILIA The Brazilian government's chief whip in the lower house of Congress said on Wednesday that a pension reform bill at the center of President Michel Temer's austerity agenda must be voted on by Dec. 15 or wait until next year.

Brazil lower house passes bill aimed at boosting biofuels use

BRASILIA Brazil's lower house of Congress approved on Tuesday a bill to set up a program to boost the use of biofuels, a move that could sharply change the way fuel distributors operate in the country.

Brazil Senate approves creation of mining regulatory agency

BRASILIA Brazil's Senate on Tuesday approved a bill creating an autonomous regulatory agency for the mining sector, a move aimed at accelerating slow licensing approvals in the country.

Brazil struggles to help state dependent on Venezuela for power

SAO PAULO The Brazilian government is looking at all options, including large batteries, to help northern Roraima state with power supplies after a series of blackouts in recent months largely related to its dependency on cash-strapped neighbor Venezuela.

Brazil banks to sign agreement to settle 1 million lawsuits

BRASILIA An agreement to be signed between Brazil's largest banks and their clients could put an end to a million lawsuits seeking repayment of deposits lost decades ago, the solicitor general said on Tuesday.

Brazil's Meirelles cancels European trip to work on budget

SAO PAULO Brazilian Finance Minister Henrique Meirelles said on Tuesday he has canceled a trip to Germany and Britain this week to work on winning approval for fiscal decrees needed for the 2018 budget.

Meirelles sees Brazil on track for fiscal surplus in three years

SAO PAULO Brazil's government is on track to turn a surplus before debt payments in three years, based on current growth forecasts and a constitutionally imposed spending cap, Finance Minister Henrique Meirelles said at an event in Sao Paulo on Monday.

Brazil Speaker Maia says working to pass pension reform this year

SAO PAULO Brazil's lower house Speaker Rodrigo Maia said on Monday he will try to pass a fiscally crucial pension reform bill this year in the chamber, but he told reporters he would only put the measure to the vote if it has enough support.

First oil flows from Brazil's giant Libra field

PARIS First oil has flowed from Brazil's giant Libra field operated by Petrobras and a consortium that includes Total, Shell and China's CNPC and CNOOC, the companies said on Monday.

U.S. diplomat shot in foot on highway near Rio

RIO DE JANEIRO/SAO PAULO A senior U.S. diplomat in Brazil was shot in the foot during an attempted robbery on a highway near Rio de Janeiro, highlighting surging violence in Rio state where an economic crisis has drained public resources.


Long road ahead to a new life for wounded North Korean defector

SEOUL The North Korean soldier critically wounded when making a dash to the south last month may have cheated death, but even as his health improves, he is months if not years away from finding?a normal life in South Korea, officials and other defectors say.

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