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U.S. 'socially screened' funds draw second-biggest inflows ever


NEW YORK U.S. investors poured $4.7 billion into so-called socially responsible mutual funds and exchange-traded funds in 2017, the category's second-biggest annual inflow ever, with managers pointing to Trump administration policies as a reason for the move.

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Trio of surveys hint at UK investment letdown

LONDON Prospects that business investment in Britain will strengthen this year have been dealt an early blow by three surveys, none of which signaled improvement.


Fiat Chrysler to invest $1 billion in Michigan plant, add 2,500 jobs

DETROIT Fiat Chrysler Automobiles said on Thursday it will shift production of Ram heavy-duty pickup trucks from Mexico to Michigan in 2020, a move that lowers the risk to the automaker's profit should President Donald Trump pull the United States out of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

U.S.-based equity funds attract $12 billion of new cash in latest week: Lipper

NEW YORK Investors' appetite for risk was on display this week as U.S.-based equity mutual funds attracted $1.45 billion of net inflows, their third straight week of inflows, and U.S.-based equity exchange-traded funds attracted $10.6 billion, according to Lipper data on Thursday.

Italy and Iran sign $6 billion investment agreement - Italy economy ministry

ROME Italy and Iran on Thursday signed a framework credit agreement to fund investments worth up to 5 billion euros ($6.02 billion) in Iran, Italy's Economy Ministry said.

Exclusive: Unregulated British firm draws Asian investors

LONDON/ABU DHABI Financial.org, a UK company that describes itself as an education business and sponsors a Formula One team, is managing hundreds of thousands of dollars for Asian investors even though it is not licensed to engage in financial transactions, according to 17 people who say they have invested through the firm.


Ryanair keeps big investors onside after rocky 2017

LONDON Several institutional investors are backing Ryanair to bounce back from a pilot rostering mess-up and a decision to recognize unions that jolted confidence in Europe's most profitable airline.

Italy and Iran to sign 5.0 billion euro investment agreement: Treasury source

ROME Italy and Iran will on Thursday sign a framework credit agreement worth 5.0 billion euros whereby Rome will help Italian companies invest in Iran, a Treasury source said on Wednesday.

Italy and Iran to sign five billion euro investment agreement: Treasury source

ROME Italy and Iran will on Thursday sign a framework credit agreement worth 5.0 billion euros ($6 billion)whereby Rome will help Italian companies invest in Iran, a Treasury source said on Wednesday.


Activist Peltz to CEOs: We'll work with you

NEW YORK Billionaire investor Nelson Peltz has a message for America's corporate chiefs; when he calls they do not automatically have to fear for their jobs.

Massachusetts hedge fund manager pleads guilty to fraud

BOSTON A Massachusetts hedge fund manager pleaded guilty on Tuesday after prosecutors accused him of misusing millions of dollars from investors to pay for lavish personal expenses like a sports car and to engage in a Ponzi-like scheme.


Sanofi and Regeneron boost investment in cancer drug cemiplimab

PARIS France's Sanofi and U.S Regeneron said on Monday they would inject an additional $1 billion in the development of cemiplimab, an antibody that could, if successful, be used to treat a wide range of cancers.


Mideast Money: Surge in foreign fund inflows sets stage for Egyptian boom

CAIRO/DUBAI Encouraged by Egypt's economic reforms, a major gas find, streamlined business rules and a devalued currency, investors are increasingly optimistic about prospects for the North African country after years of political turmoil.


Google eyes Chinese e-sports market with investment in Chushou

BEIJING Alphabet Inc's Google has joined an investment in Chinese live-stream mobile game platform Chushou that brings the startup's total funding to $120 million, as the U.S. firm eyes new inroads to China where its search engine is blocked.

Rising tide in U.S. markets helps bonds, global stocks

NEW YORK Investors sitting on U.S. stock returns need a place to put the money, and the big winners are international markets and high-rated debt issuers from corporations to governments.

Some hedge funds deliver double-digit gains for 2017

BOSTON A handful of hedge funds ended 2017 with double digit returns, their investors said, at a time the $3 trillion industry took in fresh money and posted its best returns in years, industry data show.

Ireland does not see big investment impact from US tax changes

DUBLIN Ireland's investment agency does not expect corporate tax changes in the United States to have a significant impact on multinational companies' continued investment in Ireland, its chief executive said on Thursday.


Bargain Bin: ETFs for value hunters

NEW YORK Think of the stock market right now as a high-school cafeteria. The most popular kids in school are growth investors, high-fiving and riding a multi-year bull run.


Indonesia targets 2018 investment growth at 10-14 percent: investment chief

JAKARTA Indonesian investment board chief Thomas Lembong said on Tuesday that 2018 direct investment growth is targeted to grow at around 10-14 percent.


U.S. stock funds attract most cash since 2014: Lipper

NEW YORK Investors poured $24.1 billion into U.S.-based stock funds in the week to Dec. 27, Lipper said on Thursday, sending a gift to equity markets already on pace to record a year of double-digit percentage gains.


Fields of Gold? Jana seeks new money, allies with impact hedge fund

BOSTON Wall Street investor Barry Rosenstein's new impact investing fund aimed at serving environmental and social causes could, if he plays his cards right, enhance his traditional business of pushing companies to boost earnings.

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